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Young People

Creative Arts

Entrusting your young person to a counsellor is undoubtedly very difficult. I provide an information sheet at the first session which will hopefully answer any questions you may have and reassure you of the process and my approach. 

I work with whatever the young person brings, often using games, art, sand-tray or other creative strategies, as eye to eye contact is often difficult and this is an excellent way of removing that concern. It helps them to express themselves as the toys etc help create the words and emotions for them, which is often very empowering.

However I appreciate creativity is not for everyone! 


'Showiing' how you feel allows you to express your feelings and emotions that perhaps you are not able to verbally. Using art supplies (pens/paint, chalk, sand-tray and clay) can help create a deeper understanding of self.


Although first instinct is to feel uncomfortable, and even ridiculous, particularly as adults, through perseverance and 'finding your inner child' the results can be very rewarding.


Creativity is not just for the young!

Working with Sand-Trays enables a client to symbolically 'tell their story' in 3D using toy figures to visually represent their story, life, thoughts, inner struggles or concerns. Nothing is fixed as it can be moved, removed, buried and added too as the client desires. Feelings, hopes, experiences, fears etc can be represented by the choice of figures often resulting in deeper understanding of their issues.

For both Therapist and Client it can be a very deep and moving experience.


It can be beneficial to all age groups from the very young to the more mature clients!

Sand Try, Adults and Young People
Creative Arts, Sand Tray , Aduls, Young People

"Often the hands will solve a mystery that the intellect has struggled in vain" 

                                     C.G. Jung

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