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Walk & Talk 

Lets Walk !

I Love Walking. I walk my dog,  I walk in silence, I walk with music, I walk to relax and I walk to reflect.

I am inviting you to join me to experience the benefits of the great out doors during your therapy session 

Connecting with nature and breathing fresh air promotes a relaxed and mindful environment, improving mood, rising sleep, and decreasing stress and anxiety 

We run the session whilst embracing the ever changing seasonal landscapes, which can be both exhilarating and calming, not to mention the endless health benefits.

It is exactly as it sounds; a confident therapy session whilst walking.

It offers clients the opportunity to explore issues and express themselves in the natural environment. It is less restrictive to sitting in a therapy room, and as there is less eye contact , so inhibitions maybe less.


It is not exercise, it is easy going and designed to facilitate the therapeutic process. Everyone is different,; some walk the whole session, others sit or stand to either chat or quietly reflect. 


you set the pace and i follow your lead in both the flow of therapy and the pace that we walk. What is important is that you feel heard.  

All you need is comfortable shoes and appropriate clothing.


If the weather looks bad we can reschedule for another day or conduct the session in the counselling room.


You do not have to stick to walk and Talk, it can be interchanged with  face-to-face or online. The choice is yours. 

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